Computer Graphics Forum 1994 / CGF 13 - 3 

Giertsen, Christopher; Lucas, Anne
3D Visualization for 2D GIS: an Analysis of the Users Needs and a Review of Techniques*

Graf, K.Ch.; Suter, M.; Hagger, J.; Nuesch, D.

Dixon, A.R.; Kirby, G.H.; Wills, D.P.M.
Towards Context- Dependent Interpolation of Digital Elevation Models

Agrawal, Amitabh; Requicha, Aristides A. G.
A Paradigm for the Robust Design of Algorithms for Geometric Modeling

Sugihara, Kokichi
A Robust and Consistent Algorithm for Intersecting Convex Polyhedra

Yoshida, Norimasa; Shiokawa, Masato; Yamaguchi, Fujio
Solid Modeling Based on a New Paradigm

Howic, C.T.; Blake, E.H.
The Mesh Propagation Algorithm for Isosurface Construction

Jones, Mark W.; Chen, Min
A New Approach to the Construction of Surfaces from Contour Data

Dobashi, Yoshinori; Kaneda, Kazufumi; Nakashima, Takanobu; Yamashita, Hideo; Nishita, Tomoyuki and Tadamura, Kastumi
Skylight for Interior Lighting Design

Deville, Pascal M.; Merzouk, Slimane; Cazier, Dorothee; Paul, Jean C.
Spectral Data Modeling for a Lighting Application

Abi-Ezzi, Salim S.; Subramaniam, Srikanth
Fast Dynamic Tessellation of Trimmed NURBS Surfaced1

Fournier, Alain; Buchanan, John
Chebyshev Polynomials for Boxing and Intersections of Parametric Curves and Surfaces

Greiner, Gunther
Variational Design and Fairing of Spline Surfaces

VOLINO, Pascal; THALMANN, Nadia Magnenat
Efficient self-collision detection on smoothly discretized surface animations using geometrical shape regularity

Sanso, Ramon Mas; Thalmann, Daniel
A Hand Control and Automatic Grasping System for Synthetic Actors

Rossignac, Jarek; Kaul, Anil
AGRELs and BIPs: Metamorphosis as a Bezier curve in the space of polyhedra

Schleich, R.; Durst, M.J.
Beyond WYSIWYG: Display of Hidden Information in Graphics Editors

Paterno , F.; Leonardi, A.
A Semantics-based Approach for the Design and Implementation of Interaction Objects

Pudet, Thierry
Real Time Fitting of Hand-Sketched Pressure Brushstrokes

RIS, Philippe; ARQUES, Didier
Parallel ray tracing based upon a multilevel topological knowledge acquisition of the scene

Schlick, Christophe
An Inexpensive BRDF Model for Physically-based Rendering

Tabatabai, Behnam; Sessarego, Emanuela A.; Mayer, Harald F.
Volume Rendering on Non-regular Grids

Arad, Nur
Designing and Implementing a Grid-Distortion Mapping Based on Variational Principles

Nishita, Tomoyuki; Nakamae, Eihachiro
A Method for Displaying Metaballs by using Bezier Clipping

Ronfard, Remi P.; Rossignac, Jarek R.
Triangulating multiply-connected polygons: A simple, yet efficient algorithm.

Fruhauf, Thomas
Raycasting of Nonregularly Structured Volume Data

Hausmann, Barbara; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Visualization of Regular Polytopes in Three and Four Dimensions

Cignoni, P.; Montani, C.; Scopigno, R.
Magicsphere: an insight tool for 3D data visualization

Hilton, Travis L.; Egbert, Parris K.
Vector Fields: an Interactive Tool for Animation, Modeling and Simulation with Physically Based 3D Particle Systems and Soft Objects

van Walsum, Theo; Post, Frits H.
Selective Visualization of Vector Fields

van Nieuwenhuizen, Peter R.; Kiewiet, Olaf; Bronsvoort, Willem F.
An Integrated Line Tracking and Vectorization Algorithm

Day, A.M.; Turner, S.M.; Arnold, D.B.
Improved Visualisation of Marine Data: Algae and Acid Rain

Torres, J.C.; Clares, B.
A Formal Approach to the Specification of Graphic Object Functions

Nehlig, Ph. W.; Duce, D. A.
GKS-9x: The Design Output Primitive, an Approach to a Specification.

PREMO - An Initial Approach to a Formal Definition

Pattanaik, Sumanta N.; Bouatouch, Kadi
Fast Wavelet Radiosity Method

PAULIN, Mathias; JESSEL, Jean-Pierre
Adaptive mesh generation for progressive radiosity: A ray-tracing based algorithm.

Feda, Martin; Purgathofer, Werner
A Median Cut Algorithm for Efficient Sampling of Radiosity Functions

Slusallek, Philipp; Pflaum, Thomas; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Implementing RenderMan - Practice, Problems and Enhancements

Strothotte, Thomas; Preim, Bernhard; Raab, Andreas; Schumann, Jutta; Forsey, David R.
How to Render Frames and Influence People

Tanaka, Toshimitsu; Takahashi, Tokiichiro
Cross Scan Buffer and its Applications

Akeo, Makoto; Hashimoto, Hiroshi; Kobayashi, Taisuke; Shibusawa, Tetsuo
Computer Graphics System for Reproducing Three- Dimensional Shape from Idea Sketch

Branco, Vasco; Costa, Antonio; Ferreira, F. Nunes
Sketching 3D models with 2D interaction devices

Wu, Jiann-Rong; Ouhyoung, Ming
Reducing The Latency In Head-Mounted Displays By A Novel Prediction Method Using Grey System Theory