VAST 2004: The 5th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage 2004

Ciechomski, Pablo de Heras; Ulicny, Branislav; Cetre, Rachel; Thalmann, Daniel
A case study of a virtual audience in a reconstruction of an ancient Roman odeon in Aphrodisias

Gaitatzes, A.; Christopoulos, D.; Papaioannou, G.
The Ancient Olympic Games: Being Part of the Experience

Ryder, G.; Flack, P.; Day, A. M.
Adaptive Crowd Behaviour to Aid Real-Time Rendering of a Cultural Heritage Environment

Koutsonanos, D.; Moustakas, K.; Tzovaras, D.; Strintzis, M. G.
Interactive Cloth Editing and Simulation in Virtual Reality Applications for Theater Professionals

Liarokapis, F.; Sylaiou, S.; Basu, A.; Mourkoussis, N.; White, M.; Lister, P.F.
An Interactive Visualisation Interface for Virtual Museums

Vlahakis, V.; Demiris, A.; Bounos, E.; Ioannidis, N.
A Novel Approach to Context-Sensitive Guided e-Tours in Cultural Sites: Light Augmented Reality on PDAs

Kreisel, W.; Gee, K.; Dickmann, F.
The potential of internet-based techniques for heritage interpretation

Owen, Ruth; Buhalis, Dimitrios; Pletinckx, Daniël
Developing the Tourism Aspects of a Cultural Route

Remondino, Fabio; Niederoest, Jana
Generation of High-Resolution Mosaic for Photo-Realistic Texture-Mapping of Cultural Heritage 3D Models

Balzani, M.; Callieri, M.; Fabbri, M.; Fasano, A.; Montani, C.; Pingi, P.; Santopuoli, N.; Scopigno, R.; Uccelli, F.; Varone, A.
Digital representation and multimodal presentation of archeological graffiti at Pompei

Duguet, Florent; Drettakis, George; Girardeau-Montaut, Daniel; Martinez, Jean-Luc; Schmitt, Francis
A Point-Based Approach for Capture, Display and Illustration of Very Complex Archeological Artefacts

Bendels, Gerhard Heinrich; Degener, Patrick; Wahl, Roland; Körtgen, Marcel; Klein, Reinhard
Image-Based Registration of 3D-Range Data Using Feature Surface Elements

Chang, Eugene; Stone, Robert J.; Arvanitis, Theodoros N.
The Shotton River and Mesolithic Dwellings: Recreating the Past from Geo-Seismic Data Sources

Cohen, Jonathan; Duncan, Donald; Snyder, Dean; Cooper, Jerrold; Kumar, Subodh; Hahn, Daniel; Chen, Yuan; Purnomo, Budirijanto; Graettinger, John
iClay: Digitizing Cuneiform

Baracchini, C.; Brogi, A.; Callieri, M.; Capitani, L.; Cignoni, P.; Fasano, A.; Montani, C.; Nenci, C.; Novello, R. P.; Pingi, P.; Ponchio, F.; Scopigno, R.
Digital reconstruction of the Arrigo VII funerary complex

Owen, Ruth; Buhalis, Dimitrios; Pletinckx, Daniël
Identifying technologies used in Cultural Heritage

Laugerotte, C.; Warzée, N.
An environment for the analysis and reconstruction of archaeological objects

Laugerotte, C.; Warzée, N.
3D orientation of archaeological fragments coming from a Gothic spire

Abate, A.F.; Nappi, M.; Ricciardi, S.; Sabatino, G.
3D Face Reconstruction from Skull Aimed to Archaeological Applications. The Site of Murecine: a Case Study

Havemann, Sven; Fellner, Dieter W.
Generative Parametric Design of Gothic Window Tracery

Linaza, M.T.; Eskudero, H.; Lamsfus, C.; Marcos, G.
An Authoring Tool for Interactive Digital Storytelling

Patel, Manjula; Walczak, Krzysztof; Giorgini, Fabrizio; White, Martin
A Cultural Heritage Repository as Source for Learning Materials

Ladeira, I.; Blake, E. H.
Virtual San Storytelling for Children: Content vs. Experience

Pletinckx, Daniel; Jaegher, Lars De; Helsen, Truus; Langen, Iris; Silberman, Neil; Donckt, Marie-Claire Van der; Stobbe, Jan
Telling the Local Story: An Interactive Cultural Presentation System for Community and Regional Settings

Vergauwen, M.; Pletinckx, D.; Willems, G.; Verbiest, F.; Gool, L. Van; Helsen, Truus
As Time Flies By: Mixed Image and Model-Based Rendering of an Historical Landscape from Helicopter Images

Pansiot, J.; Chapman, P.M.; Viant, W.J.; Halkon, P.
New Perspectives on Ancient Landscapes: A Case Study of the Foulness Valley

Nikolakis, G.; Tzovaras, D.; Malassiotis, S.; Strintzis, M. G.
Simulation of Ancient TechnologyWorks Using Haptic Interaction and Gesture Recognition

Loscos, C.; Tecchia, F.; Frisoli, A.; Carrozzino, M.; Widenfeld, H. Ritter; Swapp, D.; Bergamasco, M.
The Museum of Pure Form: touching real statues in an immersive virtual museum