Computer Graphics Forum 2000 / CGF 19 - 3 

Lee, WonSook; Gu, Jin; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
Generating Animatable 3D Virtual Humans from Photographs

Monzani, Jean-Sebastien; Baerlocher, Paolo; Boulic, Ronan; Thalmann, Daniel
Using an Intermediate Skeleton and Inverse Kinematics for Motion Retargeting

Rudolf, Marcin J.; Raczkowski, Jacek
Modeling the Motion of Dense Smoke in the Wind Field

Jobard, Bruno; Lefer, Wilfrid
Unsteady Flow Visualization by Animating Evenly-Spaced Streamlines

Deussen, Oliver; Hiller, Stefan; Van Overveld, Cornelius; Strothotte, Thomas
Floating Points: A Method for Computing Stipple Drawings

Mizuno, S.; Kasaura, T.; Okouchi, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Okada, M.; Toriwaki, J.
Automatic Generation of Virtual Woodblocks and Multicolor Woodblock Printing

Havran, V.; Bittner, J.
LCTS: Ray Shooting using Longest Common Traversal Sequences

Thomas, Gwenola; Donikian, Stephane
Modelling virtual cities dedicated to behavioural animation

Smith, Shamus P.; Duke, David J.
Binding Virtual Environments to Toolkit Capabilities

Zeleznik, Bob; Holden, Loring; Capps, Michael; Abrams, Howard; Miller, Tim
Scene-Graph-As-Bus: Collaboration between Heterogeneous Stand-alone 3-D Graphical Applications

Cuny, Francois; Alonso, Laurent; Holzschuch, Nicolas
A Novel Approach Makes Higher Order Wavelets Really Efficient for Radiosity

Chang, Yao-Xun; Shih, Zen-Chung
Physically-Based Patination for Underground Objects

Tarini, M.; Cignoni, P.; Rocchini, C.; Scopigno, R.
Real Time, Accurate, Multi-Featured Rendering of Bump Mapped Surfaces

Labsik, U.; Greiner, G.
Interpolatory ?3-Subdivision

El-Sana, Jihad; Chiang, Yi-Jen
External Memory View-Dependent Simplification

Muller, Kerstin; Havemann, Sven
Subdivision Surface Tesselation on the Fly using a versatile Mesh Data Structure

Bimber, Oliver; Encarnacao, L. Miguel; Schmalstieg, Dieter
Augmented Reality with Back-Projection Systems using Transflective Surfaces

Faconti, G.; Massink, M.; Bordegoni, M.; De Angelis, F.; Booth, S.
Haptic Cues for Image Disambiguation

Min, Patrick; Funkhouser, Thomas
Priority-Driven Acoustic Modeling for Virtual Environments

Kim, Tae-hoon; Lee, Jehee; Shin, Sung yong
Robust Motion Watermarking based on Multiresolution Analysis

Benedens, Oliver; Busch, Christoph
Towards Blind Detection of Robust Watermarks in Polygonal Models

Dafner, Revital; Cohen-Or, Daniel; Matias, Yossi
Context-based Space Filling Curves

Nebel, Jean-Christophe
Realistic Collision Avoidance of Upper Limbs Based on Neuroscience Models

Baciu, George; Keung Wong, Sai
The Impulse Graph: A New Dynamic Structure For Global Collisions

Dingliana, John; O'Sullivan, Carol
Graceful Degradation of Collision Handling in Physically Based Animation

Kobbelt, Leif P.; Bareuther, Thilo; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Multiresolution Shape Deformations for Meshes with Dynamic Vertex Connectivity

Du, Haixia; Qin, Hong
Direct Manipulation and Interactive Sculpting of PDE Surfaces

Ganovelli, Fabio; Cignoni, Paolo; Montani, Claudio; Scopigno, Roberto
A Multiresolution Model for Soft Objects Supporting Interactive Cuts and Lacerations

Ivanov, Denis V.; Kuzmin, Yevgeniy P.
Color Distribution - A New Approach to Texture Compression

Claude Iehl, Jean; Peroche, Bernard
An Adaptive Spectral Rendering with a Perceptual Control

Scheel, A.; Stamminger, M.; Seidel, H.-P.
Tone Reproduction for Interactive Walkthroughs

Frohlich, Torsten; Roth, Marcus
Integration of Multidimensional Interaction Devices in Real-Time Computer Graphics Applications

Yoon, I.; Neumann, U.
Web-Based Remote Renderingwith IBRAC (Image-Based Rendering Acceleration and Compression)

Li, Xiangyang; Lu, Dongming; Pan, Yunhe
Virtual Dunhuang Mural Restoration System in Collaborative Network Environment

Mroz, Lukas; Hauser, Helwig; Groller, Eduard
Interactive High-Quality Maximum Intensity Projection

Neumann, Laszlo; Csebfalvi, Balazs; Konig, Andreas; Groller, Eduard
Gradient Estimation in Volume Data using 4D Linear Regression

Dong, Feng; Krokos, Meleagros; Clapworthy, Gordon
Fast Volume Rendering and Data Classification Using Multiresolution in Min-Max Octrees

Gaiani, Marco; Balzani, Marcello; Uccelli, Federico
Reshaping the Coliseum in Rome: An Integrated Data Capture and Modeling Method at Heritage Sites

Cai, Wenli; Walter, Stefan; Karangelis, Grigorios; Sakas, Georgios
Collaborative Virtual Simulation Environment for Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

Bebie, T.; Bieri, H.
A Video-Based 3D-Reconstruction of Soccer Games

Lao, Zhiqiang; Li, Ling
Video-based Approach to Human Animation

Alexa, Marc; Muller, Wolfgang
Representing Animations by Principal Components

Froumentin, Max; Labrosse, Frederic; Willis, Philip
A Vector-based Representation for Image Warping

Maillot, Jerome
Real Time Local Approximation of Deformations using Rotations

Tak, Seyoon; Song, Oh-young; Ko, Hyeong-Seok
Motion Balance Filtering

Ashraf, G.; Wong, K. C.
Generating Consistent Motion Transition via Decoupled Framespace Interpolation

Attene, Marco; Spagnuolo, Michela
Automatic Surface Reconstruction from Point Sets in Space

Gopi, M.; Krishnan, S.; Silva, C.T.
Surface Reconstruction based on Lower Dimensional Localized Delaunay Triangulation

Kobbelt, Leif P.; Botsch, Mario
An Interactive Approach to Point Cloud Triangulation

Jimenez, W. F. H.; Esperanca, C.; Oliveira, A. A. F.
Efficient Algorithms for Computing Conservative Portal Visibility Information

Andujar, Carlos; Saona-Vazquez, Carlos; Navazo, Isabel; Brunet, Pere
Integrating Occlusion Culling and Levels of Detail through Hardly-Visible Sets

Bernardini, Fausto; Klosowski, James T.; El-Sana, Jihad
Directional Discretized Occluders for Accelerated Occlusion Culling

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