Computer Graphics Forum 2017 / CGF 36 - 8 

Issue Information

Wang, Z.; Esturo, J. Martinez; Seidel, H.‐P.; Weinkauf, T.
Stream Line–Based Pattern Search in Flows

Gao, Lin; Chen, Shu‐Yu; Lai, Yu‐Kun; Xia, Shihong
Data‐Driven Shape Interpolation and Morphing Editing

Alduán, Iván; Tena, Angel; Otaduy, Miguel A.
DYVERSO: A Versatile Multi‐Phase Position‐Based Fluids Solution for VFX

Ren, Z.; Charalambous, P.; Bruneau, J.; Peng, Q.; Pettré, J.
Group Modeling: A Unified Velocity‐Based Approach

Glaßer, S.; Hoffmann, T.; Boese, A.; Voß, S.; Kalinski, T.; Skalej, M.; Preim, B.
Virtual Inflation of the Cerebral Artery Wall for the Integrated Exploration of OCT and Histology Data

Stuyck, Tuur; Da, Fang; Hadap, Sunil; Dutré, Philip
Real‐Time Oil Painting on Mobile Hardware

Steiner, B.; Mousavian, E.; Saradj, F. Mehdizadeh; Wimmer, M.; Musialski, P.
Integrated Structural–Architectural Design for Interactive Planning

Dessein, A.; Smith, W. A. P.; Wilson, R. C.; Hancock, E. R.
Symmetry‐Aware Mesh Segmentation into Uniform Overlapping Patches

Bruneau, J.; Pettré, J.
EACS: Effective Avoidance Combination Strategy

Mattei, E.; Castrodad, A.
Point Cloud Denoising via Moving RPCA

Cao, Y‐P.; Ju, T.; Xu, J.; Hu, S‐M.
Extracting Sharp Features from RGB‐D Images

Frey, S.; Ertl, T.
Flow‐Based Temporal Selection for Interactive Volume Visualization

Barringer, R.; Andersson, M.; Akenine‐Möller, T.
Ray Accelerator: Efficient and Flexible Ray Tracing on a Heterogeneous Architecture

Kozlíková, B.; Krone, M.; Falk, M.; Lindow, N.; Baaden, M.; Baum, D.; Viola, I.; Parulek, J.; Hege, H.‐C.
Visualization of Biomolecular Structures: State of the Art Revisited

Galerne, B.; Leclaire, A.; Moisan, L.
Texton Noise

Hua, H.
A Bi‐Directional Procedural Model for Architectural Design

Kerbl, Bernhard; Kenzel, Michael; Schmalstieg, Dieter; Seidel, Hans‐Peter; Steinberger, Markus
Hierarchical Bucket Queuing for Fine‐Grained Priority Scheduling on the GPU

Wang, Yupan; Li, Guiqing; Zeng, Zhichao; He, Huayun
Articulated‐Motion‐Aware Sparse Localized Decomposition

Blascheck, T.; Kurzhals, K.; Raschke, M.; Burch, M.; Weiskopf, D.; Ertl, T.
Visualization of Eye Tracking Data: A Taxonomy and Survey

Sibbing, Dominik; Kobbelt, Leif
Building a Large Database of Facial Movements for Deformation Model‐Based 3D Face Tracking

Arora, R.; Darolia, I.; Namboodiri, V. P.; Singh, K.; Bousseau, A.
SketchSoup: Exploratory Ideation Using Design Sketches

Kim, Seong‐heum; Tai, Yu‐Wing; Lee, Joon‐Young; Park, Jaesik; Kweon, In So
Category‐Specific Salient View Selection via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Flotyński, Jakub; Walczak, Krzysztof
Ontology‐Based Representation and Modelling of Synthetic 3D Content: A State‐of‐the‐Art Review

Inglis, T.; Eckert, M.‐L.; Gregson, J.; Thuerey, N.
Primal‐Dual Optimization for Fluids

Tsukamoto, J.; Iwai, D.; Kashima, K.
Distributed Optimization Framework for Shadow Removal in Multi‐Projection Systems

Serrano, Ana; Garces, Elena; Masia, Belen; Gutierrez, Diego
Convolutional Sparse Coding for Capturing High‐Speed Video Content

Zheng, Quan; Zheng, Changwen
NeuroLens: Data‐Driven Camera Lens Simulation Using Neural Networks

Zhang, Xiaopeng; Bao, Guanbo; Meng, Weiliang; Jaeger, Marc; Li, Hongjun; Deussen, Oliver; Chen, Baoquan
Tree Branch Level of Detail Models for Forest Navigation

Huang, Jing; Wang, Qi; Fratarcangeli, Marco; Yan, Ke; Pelachaud, Catherine
Multi‐Variate Gaussian‐Based Inverse Kinematics

Vimont, Ulysse; Rohmer, Damien; Begault, Antoine; Cani, Marie‐Paule
Deformation Grammars: Hierarchical Constraint Preservation Under Deformation

Dagenais, F.; Gagnon, J.; Paquette, E.
Detail‐Preserving Explicit Mesh Projection and Topology Matching for Particle‐Based Fluids

Endert, A.; Ribarsky, W.; Turkay, C.; Wong, B.L. William; Nabney, I.; Blanco, I. Díaz; Rossi, F.
The State of the Art in Integrating Machine Learning into Visual Analytics

Wang, Tongtong; Liu, Zhihua; Tang, Min; Tong, Ruofeng; Manocha, Dinesh
Efficient and Reliable Self‐Collision Culling Using Unprojected Normal Cones

Silva, D. B.; Nunes, R. F.; Vidal, C. A.; Cavalcante‐Neto, J. B.; Kry, P. G.; Zordan, V. B.
Tunable Robustness: An Artificial Contact Strategy with Virtual Actuator Control for Balance

Peethambaran, Jiju; Wang, Ruisheng
Enhancing Urban Façades via LiDAR‐Based Sculpting

Li, Lei; Wang, Wencheng
Contracting Medial Surfaces Isotropically for Fast Extraction of Centred Curve Skeletons

Xu, Kaoji; Gao, Xifeng; Deng, Zhigang; Chen, Guoning
Hexahedral Meshing With Varying Element Sizes

Muñoz‐Pandiella, I.; Bosch, C.; Mérillou, N.; Pueyo, X.; Mérillou, S.
Real‐Time Solar Exposure Simulation in Complex Cities

Campen, M.
Partitioning Surfaces Into Quadrilateral Patches: A Survey

Garces, Elena; Echevarria, Jose I.; Zhang, Wen; Wu, Hongzhi; Zhou, Kun; Gutierrez, Diego
Intrinsic Light Field Images

Moon, Bochang; Iglesias‐Guitian, Jose A.; McDonagh, Steven; Mitchell, Kenny
Noise Reduction on G‐Buffers for Monte Carlo Filtering

Yao, Guilin; Zhao, Zhijie; Liu, Shaohui
A Comprehensive Survey on Sampling‐Based Image Matting

Chen, Renjie; Gotsman, Craig
Approximating Planar Conformal Maps Using Regular Polygonal Meshes

Simões, Tiago; Lopes, Daniel; Dias, Sérgio; Fernandes, Francisco; Pereira, João; Jorge, Joaquim; Bajaj, Chandrajit; Gomes, Abel
Geometric Detection Algorithms for Cavities on Protein Surfaces in Molecular Graphics: A Survey

Newson, A.; Delon, J.; Galerne, B.
A Stochastic Film Grain Model for Resolution‐Independent Rendering

Rodolà, E.; Moeller, M.; Cremers, D.
Regularized Pointwise Map Recovery from Functional Correspondence