Computer Graphics Forum 2011 / CGF 30 - 8 

Table of Contents

Weiss, K.; Floriani, L. De
Simplex and Diamond Hierarchies: Models and Applications

Liu, Baoquan; Wei, Li‐Yi; Yang, Xu; Ma, Chongyang; Xu, Ying‐Qing; Guo, Baining; Wu, Enhua
Non‐Linear Beam Tracing on a GPU

Benhabiles, Halim; Lavoué, Guillaume; Vandeborre, Jean‐Philippe; Daoudi, Mohamed
Learning Boundary Edges for 3D‐Mesh Segmentation

Park, Jong Pil; Lee, Kang Hoon; Lee, Jehee
Finding Syntactic Structures from Human Motion Data

Liu, Dongquan; Chen, Quan; Yu, Jun; Gu, Huiqin; Tao, Dacheng; Seah, Hock Soon
Stroke Correspondence Construction Using Manifold Learning

Artusi, Alessandro; Banterle, Francesco; Chetverikov, Dmitry
A Survey of Specularity Removal Methods

Tycowicz, Christoph von; Kälberer, Felix; Polthier, Konrad
Context‐Based Coding of Adaptive Multiresolution Meshes

Fröhlich, Stefan; Botsch, Mario
Example‐Driven Deformations Based on Discrete Shells

Ritschel, Tobias; Eisemann, Elmar; Ha, Inwoo; Kim, James D. K.; Seidel, Hans‐Peter
Making Imperfect Shadow Maps View‐Adaptive: High‐Quality Global Illumination in Large Dynamic Scenes

Laurijssen, Jurgen; Wang, Rui; Lagae, Ares; Dutré, Philip
Pre‐computed Gathering of Multi‐Bounce Glossy Reflections

Munoz, Adolfo; Echevarria, Jose I.; Seron, Francisco J.; Gutierrez, Diego
Convolution‐Based Simulation of Homogeneous Subsurface Scattering

Law, Alvin J.; Aliaga, Daniel G.; Sajadi, Behzad; Majumder, Aditi; Pizlo, Zygmunt
Perceptually Based Appearance Modification for Compliant Appearance Editing

Obermaier, H.; Billen, M. I.; Hagen, H.; Hering‐Bertram, M.; Hamann, B.
Visualizing Strain Anisotropy in Mantle Flow Fields

Jia, Yuntao; Garland, Michael; Hart, John C.
Social Network Clustering and Visualization using Hierarchical Edge Bundles

Beacco, A.; Spanlang, B.; Andujar, C.; Pelechano, N.
A Flexible Approach for Output‐Sensitive Rendering of Animated Characters

Kabul, Ilknur; Pizer, Stephen M.; Rosenman, Julian; Niethammer, Marc
An Optimal Control Approach for Texture Metamorphosis

Menk, Christoffer; Jundt, Eduard; Koch, Reinhard
Visualisation Techniques for Using Spatial Augmented Reality in the Design Process of a Car

Bénard, Pierre; Bousseau, Adrien; Thollot, Joëlle
State‐of‐the‐Art Report on Temporal Coherence for Stylized Animations

Manson, Josiah; Schaefer, Scott
Hierarchical Deformation of Locally Rigid Meshes

Wetzstein, Gordon; Ihrke, Ivo; Lanman, Douglas; Heidrich, Wolfgang
Computational Plenoptic Imaging

Bilgili, Ahmet; Öztürk, Aydn; Kurt, Murat
A General BRDF Representation Based on Tensor Decomposition

Yin, Xuetao; Femiani, John; Wonka, Peter; Razdan, Anshuman
A New QEM for Parametrization of Raster Images

32nd EUROGRAPHICS General Assembly

Isenberg, Tobias; Cunningham, Douglas
Computational Aesthetics 2011 in Vancouver, Canada, August 5–7, 2011, Sponsored by Eurographics, in Collaboration with ACM SIGGRAPH