EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics 2013

Lammers, Thomas; Vliegen, Roel; Linden, Erik-Jan van der; Wetering, Huub van de
Visual Grouping - Follow the Leader!

Behrisch, Michael; Davey, James; Simon, Svenja; Schreck, Tobias; Keim, Daniel; Kohlhammer, Jörn
Visual Comparison of Orderings and Rankings

Angelini, Marco; Santucci, Giuseppe
Modeling Incremental Visualizations

Andrienko, N.; Andrienko, G.; Fuchs, G.
Towards Privacy-Preserving Semantic Mobility Analysis

Eichner, C.; Bittig, A.; Schumann, H.; Tominski, C.
Feature-Based Visual Analytics for Studying Simulations of Dynamic Bi-Stable Spatial Systems

Lammarsch, T.; Aigner, W.; Bertone, A.; Miksch, S.; Rind, A.
Mind the Time: Unleashing the Temporal Aspects in Pattern Discovery

Reber, Sean; Zhao, Ye; Zhang, Li; Orloff, Mohammed; Eng, Charis
Visual Analysis of Tracts of Homozygosity in Human Genome

Steiger, M.; May, T.; Davey, J.; Kohlhammer, J.
Visual Analysis of Expert Systems for Smart Grid Monitoring

Piringer, H.; Buchetics, M.
Retrospective Analysis of Surveillance Data: A Case Study for Road Tunnels

Wörner, M.; Metzger, M.; T.Ertl,
Dataflow-based Visual Analysis for Fault Diagnosis and Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Matkovic, Kresimir; Duras, Mario; Gracanin, Denis; Splechtna, Rainer; Stehno, Benedikt; Hauser, Helwig
Interactive Visual Analysis in the Concept Stage of a Hybrid-Vehicle Design

Chae, Junghoon; Thom, Dennis; Jang, Yun; Kim, Sung Ye; Ertl, Thomas; Ebert, David S.
Visual Analytics of Microblog Data for Public Behavior Analysis in Disaster Events