Vision, Modeling, and Visualization 2020

Krüger, Jens; Niessner, Matthias; Stückler, Jörg
VMV 2020: Frontmatter

Kammann, Lars; Menzel, Stefan; Botsch, Mario
A Compact Patch-Based Representation for Technical Mesh Models

Brüll, Felix; Grosch, Thorsten
Multi-Layer Alpha Tracing

Otsu, Hisanari; Hanika, Johannes; Dachsbacher, Carsten
Portal-Based Path Perturbation for Metropolis Light Transport

Rolff, Tim; Rautenhaus, Marc; Olbrich, Stephan; Frintrop, Simone
Segmenting Computer-Tomographic Scans of Ancient Clay Artefacts for Visual Analysis of Cuneiform Inscriptions

Lange, Manuel; Raisch, Claudio; Schilling, Andreas
WLD: A Wavelet and Learning based Line Descriptor for Line Feature Matching

Penk, Dominik; Müller, Jonas; Felfer, Peter; Grosso, Roberto; Stamminger, Marc
Visualization Aided Interface Reconstruction

Kretzschmar, Vanessa; Gillmann, Christina; Günther, Fabian; Stommel, Markus; Scheuermann, Gerik
Visualization Framework for Assisting Interface Optimization of Hybrid Component Design

Agarwal, Shivam; Tkachev, Gleb; Wermelinger, Michel; Beck, Fabian
Visualizing Sets and Changes in Membership Using Layered Set Intersection Graphs

Ngo, Quynh Quang; Linsen, Lars
Interactive Generation of 1D Embeddings from 2D Multi-dimensional Data Projections

Henkel, Markus; Knauthe, Volker; Landesberger, Tatiana von; Guthe, Stefan
Data Reconstruction from Colored Slice-and-Dice Treemaps

Wolligandt, Steve; Wilde, Thomas; Rössl, Christian; Theisel, Holger
Static Visualization of Unsteady Flows by Flow Steadification

Kahlert, Franziska; Gumhold, Stefan
Partial Matching of Trajectories with Particle Orientation for Exploratory Trajectory Visualization

Agarwal, Shivam; Auda, Jonas; Schneegaß, Stefan; Beck, Fabian
A Design and Application Space for Visualizing User Sessions of Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments

Frieß, Florian; Müller, Christoph; Ertl, Thomas
Real-time High-resolution Visualisation

Lengauer, Stefan; Komar, Alexander; Karl, Stephan; Trinkl, Elisabeth; Preiner, Reinhold; Schreck, Tobias
Visual Exploration of Cultural Heritage Collections with Linked Spatiotemporal, Shape and Metadata Views