Eurographics 2008 - Education Papers 2008

Ganovelli, Fabio; Corsini, Massimiliano
eNVyMyCar: a Multi-player Car Racing Game for Teaching Computer Graphics

Diefenbach, Paul J.
Teaching Soft-skills: Digital Game Development in a Multi-Discipline Environment

Boers, Jerke; Dobbe, Jeroen; Huijser, Remco; Bidarra, Rafael
From a Light CG Framework to a strong Cannibal Experience

Chalmers, Panel Chair: Gitta Domik; Panellists: Alan; Domik, Gitta; Fellner, Dieter W.; Rushmeier, Holly
What Can We Gain from Transdisciplinary Visualization Courses?

Seron, Francisco; Cerezo, Eva; Baldassarri, Sandra
Computer Graphics: Problem Based Learning and Interactive Embodied Pedagogical Agents

Cheng, Irene; Basu, Anup
Graphics based Computer Adaptive Testing and Beyond

Sobczyk, Dominique; Touzeau, Marie-Solange; Bourdin, Jean-Jacques
Computer Graphics Curriculum: a Programming Approach