Eurographics Workshop on Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation 2015

Biljecki, Filip; Tourre, Vincent
Frontmatter: Eurographics Workshop on Urban Data Modelling and Visualisation

Novoa, David Muñoz; Beckers, Benoit; Besuievsky, Gonzalo; Patow, Gustavo
Far-LoD: Level of Detail for Massive Sky View Factor Calculations in Large Cities

Peters, Ravi; Ledoux, Hugo; Biljecki, Filip
Visibility Analysis in a Point Cloud Based on the Medial Axis Transform

Horna, Sébastien; Damiand, Guillaume; Diakité, Abdoulaye; Meneveaux, Daniel
Combining Geometry, Topology and Semantics for Generic Building Description and Simulations

Ioannidis, Charalabos; Verykokou, Styliani; Soile, Sofia; Potsiou, Chryssy
5D Multi-Purpose Land Information System

Biljecki, Filip; Arroyo Ohori, Ken
Automatic Semantic-preserving Conversion Between OBJ and CityGML

Pham, Ha; Ruas, A.; Libourel, T.
Representing Urban Phenomena in Their Context and at Different LoD: from Raw Data to Appropriate LoD

Padsala, Rushikesh; Coors, Volker
Conceptualizing, Managing and Developing: A Web Based 3D City Information Model for Urban Energy Demand Simulation

Chaturvedi, Kanishk; Kolbe, Thomas H.
Dynamizers - Modeling and Implementing Dynamic Properties for Semantic 3D City Models

Schöning, Julius; Bonhage, Corinna E.
On the Acquisition of Human Emotions in Space and Time

Hallot, P.; Stewart, K.; Billen, Roland
Who are my Visitors and Where do They Come From? An Analysis Based on Foursquare Check-ins and Place-based Semantics.

Soriano, Carlos; Patow, Gustavo
Commercial Evolution Simulation