Eurographics/SIGGRAPH Symposium on Computer Animation 2008

Schechter, Hagit; Bridson, Robert
Evolving Sub-Grid Turbulence for Smoke Animation

Molemaker, Jeroen; Cohen, Jonathan M.; Patel, Sanjit; Noh, Jonyong
Low Viscosity Flow Simulations for Animation

Sewall, Jason; Galoppo, Nico; Tsankov, Georgi; Lin, Ming
Visual Simulation of Shockwaves

Lo, Wan-Yen; Zwicker, Matthias
Real-Time Planning for Parameterized Human Motion

Yeh, Hengchin; Curtis, Sean; Patil, Sachin; Berg, Jur van den; Manocha, Dinesh; Lin, Ming
Composite Agents

Kim, Tae-Yong; Vendrovsky, Eugene
DrivenShape - a Data-driven Approach for Shape Deformation

Bickel, Bernd; Lang, Manuel; Botsch, Mario; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Gross, Markus
Pose-Space Animation and Transfer of Facial Details

Deng, Zhigang; Ma, Xiaohan
Perceptually Guided Expressive Facial Animation

Adams, Bart; Ovsjanikov, Maks; Wand, Michael; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Guibas, Leonidas J.
Meshless Modeling of Deformable Shapes and their Motion

Steinemann, Denis; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Gross, Markus
Fast Adaptive Shape Matching Deformations

Shinar, Tamar; Schroeder, Craig; Fedkiw, Ronald
Two-way Coupling of Rigid and Deformable Bodies

Kaufmann, Peter; Martin, Sebastian; Botsch, Mario; Gross, Markus
Flexible Simulation of Deformable Models Using Discontinuous Galerkin FEM

Beaudoin, Philippe; Coros, Stelian; Panne, Michiel van de; Poulin, Pierre
Motion-Motif Graphs

Zhao, Liming; Safonova, Alla
Achieving Good Connectivity in Motion Graphs

Coleman, Patrick; Bibliowicz, Jacobo; Singh, Karan; Gleicher, Michael
Staggered Poses: A Character Motion Representation for Detail-Preserving Editing of Pose and Coordinated Timing

Sifakis, Eftychios; Marino, Sebastian; Teran, Joseph
Globally Coupled Collision Handling Using Volume Preserving Impulses

Faure, Francois; Barbier, Sebastien; Allard, Jeremie; Falipou, Florent
Image-based Collision Detection and Response between Arbitrary Volume Objects

Liu, C. Karen
Synthesis of Interactive Hand Manipulation

García-Fernandez, Ignacio; Pla-Castells, Marta; Martinez-Dura, Rafael J.
Elevation Cable Modeling for Interactive Simulation of Cranes

Young, James E.; Igarashi, Takeo; Sharlin, Ehud
Puppet Master: Designing Reactive Character Behavior by Demonstration

Slyper, Ronit; Hodgins, Jessica
Action Capture with Accelerometers

Stava, Ondrej; Benes, Bedrich; Brisbin, Matthew; Krivanek, Jaroslav
Interactive Terrain Modeling Using Hydraulic Erosion

Solenthaler, Barbara; Pajarola, Renato
Density Contrast SPH Interfaces

Batty, Christopher; Bridson, Robert
Accurate Viscous Free Surfaces for Buckling, Coiling, and Rotating Liquids