VAST: International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Cultural Heritage 2010

Ritz, Martin; Scholz, Manuel; Goesele, Michael; Stork, Andre
High Resolution Acquisition of Detailed Surfaces with Lens-Shifted Structured Light

Bathow, Christiane; Breuckmann, Bernd; Scopigno, Roberto
Verification and Acceptance Tests for High Definition 3D Surface Scanners

Happa, Jassim; Artusi, Alessandro; Czanner, Silvester; Chalmers, Alan
High Dynamic Range Video for Cultural Heritage Documentation and Experimental Archaeology

Bourdeu, Alexandre; Pitzalis, Denis
Geometric Morphometrics for Provenance Determination of Gallo-Roman White Clay Figurines

Mellado, Nicolas; Reuter, Patrick; Schlick, Christophe
Semi-Automatic Geometry-Driven Reassembly of Fractured Archeological Objects

Rowland, Chris; Anderson, John
WreckSight: Revealing our Submerged Maritime Heritage

Diamanti, Tiziano; Blasco, Pilar Diarte; Guidazzoli, Antonella; López, Maria Sebastián; Toffalori, Elena
ViSMan: an Open-Source Visualization Framework for Virtual Reconstructions and Data Management in Archaeology

Dellepiane, Matteo; Benedetti, Luca; Scopigno, Roberto
Removing Shadows for Color Projection Using Sun Position Estimation

Callet, Patrick; Dumazet, Sylvain; Leclercq, Christophe; Politi, Carine
Natural Lighting, Gilts and Polychromy of Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

Shin, Hijung; Doumas, Christos; Funkhouser, Thomas; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon; Steiglitz, Kenneth; Vlachopoulos, Andreas; Weyrich, Tim
Analyzing Fracture Patterns in TheranWall Paintings

Bechtold, Sebastian; Krömker, Susanne; Mara, Hubert; Kratzmüller, Bettina
Rollouts of Fine Ware Pottery using High Resolution 3D Meshes

Pitzalis, Denis; Niccolucci, Franco; Theodoriou, Maria; Doerr, Martin
LIDO and CRMdig from a 3D Cultural Heritage Documentation Perspective

Doerr, Martin; Tzompanaki, Katerina; Theodoridou, Maria; Georgis, Ch.; Axaridou, A.; Havemann, Sven
A Repository for 3D Model Production and Interpretation in Culture and Beyond

Pan, Xueming; Beckmann, Philipp; Havemann, Sven; Tzompanaki, K.; Doerr, Martin; Fellner, Dieter W.
A Distributed Object Repository for Cultural Heritage

Felicetti, Achille; Lorenzini, Matteo; Niccolucci, Franco
Semantic Enrichment of Geographic Data and 3D Models for the Management of Archaeological Features

Felicetti, Achille; Samaes, Melissa; Nys, Karin; Niccolucci, Franco
AnnoMAD: A Semantic Framework for the Management and the Integration of Full-text Excavation Data and Geographic Information

Mara, Hubert; Krömker, Susanne; Jakob, Stefan; Breuckmann, Bernd
GigaMesh and Gilgamesh 3D Multiscale Integral Invariant Cuneiform Character Extraction

Kaminski, Jaime; Mcloughlin, Jim; Sodagar, Babak
3D-ISF: An Impact Measurement Tool for Business and Strategic Planning in ICT and 3D Heritage Applications

Chittaro, Luca; Ieronutti, Lucio; Ranon, Roberto; Siotto, Eliana; Visintini, Domenico
A High-Level Tool for Curators of 3D Virtual Visits and ist Application to a Virtual Exhibition of Renaissance Frescoes

Zabulis, Xenophon; Grammenos, Dimitris; Sarmis, Thomas; Tzevanidis, Kostantinos; Argyros, Antonis A.
Exploration of Large-scale Museum Artifacts through Non-instrumented, Location-based, Multi-user Interaction

Kaghat, Fatima-Zahra; Cubaud, Pierre
Fluid Interaction in Audio-Guided Museum Visit: Authoring Tool and Visitor Device

Pietroni, Eva; Antinucci, Francesco
"The Approval of the Franciscan Rule" - Virtual Experience among the Characters of Giotto's Work