Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EGVE - EuroVR - VEC 2010

Pick, Sebastian; Hentschel, Bernd; Tedjo-Palczynski, Irene; Wolter, Marc; Kuhlen, Torsten
Automated Positioning of Annotations in Immersive Virtual Environments

Liu, Lei; Liere, Robert van
The Effect of Varying Path Properties in Path Steering Tasks

Valkov, Dimitar; Steinicke, Frank; Bruder, Gerd; Hinrichs, Klaus H.; Schöning, Johannes; Daiber, Florian; Krüger, Antonio
Touching Floating Objects in Projection-based Virtual Reality Environments

Latoschik, Marc Erich; Tramberend, Henrik
Short Paper: Engineering Realtime Interactive Systems: Coupling and Cohesion of Architecture Mechanisms

Fleury, Cédric; Duval, Thierry; Gouranton, Valérie; Arnaldi, Bruno
A New Adaptive Data Distribution Model for Consistency Maintenance in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Wendrich, Robert E.
Short Paper: Design Tools, Hybridization Exploring Intuitive Interaction

Simard, Jean; Ammi, Mehdi
Gesture Coordination in Collaborative Tasks through Augmented Feedthrough

Simard, Jean; Ammi, Mehdi; Auvray, Malika
Short Paper: Study of Synchronous and Colocated Collaboration for Search Tasks

Phillips, Lane; Interrante, Victoria; Kaeding, Michael; Ries, Brian; Anderson, Lee
A Further Assessment of Factors Correlating with Presence in Immersive Virtual Environments

Alexandrova, Ivelina V.; Volkova, Ekaterina P.; Kloos, Uwe; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.; Mohler, Betty J.
Short Paper: Virtual Storyteller in Immersive Virtual Environments Using Fairy Tales Annotated for Emotion States

Willert, Malte; Ohl, Stephan; Lehmann, Anke; Staadt, Oliver
The Extended Window Metaphor for Large High-Resolution Displays

Vierjahn, Tom; Meik, Stefan; Mostafawy, Sina; Bohn, Christian-A.
Improving Photon Mapping Towards an Interactive Stage Lighting Framework

Scheer, Fabian; Marschner, Mario; Müller, Stefan
Short Paper: Approximating Distance Fields in Image Space

Braun, Anne; McCall, Rod
Short Paper: User Study for Mobile Mixed Reality Devices