Computer Graphics Forum 2016 / CGF 35 - 7 

Eitan Grinspun; Bernd Bickel; Yoshinori Dobashi
PG 2016: Frontmatter

Yan, Qingan; Yang, Long; Liang, Chao; Liu, Huajun; Hu, Ruimin; Xiao, Chunxia
Geometrically Based Linear Iterative Clustering for Quantitative Feature Correspondence

Park, Hangil; Cho, Youngjin; Bang, Seungbae; Lee, Sung-Hee
An Eulerian Approach for Constructing a Map Between Surfaces With Different Topologies

Seo, Hyewon; Cordier, Frederic
Spatial Matching of Animated Meshes

Huang, Chun-Kai; Chen, Yi-Ling; Shen, I-Chao; Chen, Bing-Yu
Retargeting 3D Objects and Scenes with a General Framework

Nian, Xianshun; Chen, Falai
Planar Shape Interpolation Based On Teichmüller Mapping

Lin, Ting-Hao; Way, Der-Lor; Shih, Zen-Chung; Tai, Wen-Kai; Chang, Chin-Chen
An Efficient Structure-Aware Bilateral Texture Filtering for Image Smoothing

Milliez, Antoine; Guay, Martin; Cani, Marie-Paule; Gross, Markus; Sumner, Robert W.
Programmable Animation Texturing using Motion Stamps

Jeon, Junho; Lee, Hyunjoon; Kang, Henry; Lee, Seungyong
Scale-aware Structure-Preserving Texture Filtering

Zhang, Linling; Fenney, Simon; Escribano, Fernando
Real-time Texture Synthesis and Concurrent Random-access Rendering for Low-cost GPU Chip Design

Fu, Xiao-Ming; Bai, Chong-Yang; Liu, Yang
Efficient Volumetric PolyCube-Map Construction

Huang, Hui; Lischinski, Dani; Hao, Zhuming; Gong, Minglun; Christie, Marc; Cohen-Or, Daniel
Trip Synopsis: 60km in 60sec

Tanahashi, Yuzuru; Leaf, Nick; Ma, Kwan-Liu
A Study On Designing Effective Introductory Materials for Information Visualization

Kita, Naoki; Miyata, Kazunori
Aesthetic Rating and Color Suggestion for Color Palettes

Cardona, Luis; Saito, Suguru
Temporally Coherent and Artistically Intended Stylization of Feature Lines Extracted from 3D Models

Song, Dan; Tong, Ruofeng; Chang, Jian; Yang, Xiaosong; Tang, Min; Zhang, Jian Jun
3D Body Shapes Estimation from Dressed-Human Silhouettes

Coeurjolly, David; Foare, Marion; Gueth, Pierre; Lachaud, Jacques-Olivier
Piecewise Smooth Reconstruction of Normal Vector Field on Digital Data

Mukherjee, Rajaditya; Wu, Xiaofeng; Wang, Huamin
Incremental Deformation Subspace Reconstruction

Mura, Claudio; Mattausch, Oliver; Pajarola, Renato
Piecewise-planar Reconstruction of Multi-room Interiors with Arbitrary Wall Arrangements

Ma, Li-Qian; Wang, Jue; Shechtman, Eli; Sunkavalli, Kalyan; Hu, Shi-Min
Appearance Harmonization for Single Image Shadow Removal

Cai, Yiqi; Guo, Xiaohu
Anisotropic Superpixel Generation Based on Mahalanobis Distance

Kim, Hye-Rin; Kang, Henry; Lee, In-Kwon
Image Recoloring with Valence-Arousal Emotion Model

Zhu, Lei; Fu, Chi-Wing; Jin, Yueming; Wei, Mingqiang; Qin, Jing; Heng, Pheng-Ann
Non-Local Sparse and Low-Rank Regularization for Structure-Preserving Image Smoothing

Li, Kai; Wang, Jue; Liu, Yebin; Xu, Li; Dai, Qionghai
Re-Compositable Panoramic Selfie with Robust Multi-Frame Segmentation and Stitching

Livesu, Marco; Muntoni, Alessandro; Puppo, Enrico; Scateni, Riccardo
Skeleton-driven Adaptive Hexahedral Meshing of Tubular Shapes

Ciccone, Loïc; Guay, Martin; Sumner, Robert W.
Flow Curves: an Intuitive Interface for Coherent Scene Deformation

Guérin, Eric; Galin, Eric; Grosbellet, François; Peytavie, Adrien; Génevaux, Jean-David
Efficient Modeling of Entangled Details for Natural Scenes

Wang, Jun; Xu, Yabin; Remil, Oussama; Xie, Xingyu; Ye, Nan; Wei, Mingqiang
Automatic Modeling of Urban Facades from Raw LiDAR Point Data

Du, Peng; Kim, Yong-Jun; Yoon, Sung Eui
TSS BVHs: Tetrahedron Swept Sphere BVHs for Ray Tracing Subdivision Surfaces

Weier, Martin; Roth, Thorsten; Kruijff, Ernst; Hinkenjann, André; Pérard-Gayot, Arsène; Slusallek, Philipp; Li, Yongmin
Foveated Real-Time Ray Tracing for Head-Mounted Displays

Vávra, Radomir; Filip, Jiri
Minimal Sampling for Effective Acquisition of Anisotropic BRDFs

Zhang, Yu-Wei; Zhang, Caiming; Wang, Wenping; Chen, Yanzhao
Adaptive Bas-relief Generation from 3D Object under Illumination

Nakamura, Morihiro; Koyama, Yuki; Sakamoto, Daisuke; Igarashi, Takeo
An Interactive Design System of Free-Formed Bamboo-Copters

Zhou, Yahan; Kalogerakis, Evangelos; Wang, Rui; Grosse, Ian R.
Direct Shape Optimization for Strengthening 3D Printable Objects

Lancelle, Marcel; Martin, Tobias; Solenthaler, Barbara; Gross, Markus
Anaglyph Caustics with Motion Parallax

Reinert, Bernhard; Kopf, Johannes; Ritschel, Tobias; Cuervo, Eduardo; Chu, David; Seidel, Hans-Peter
Proxy-guided Image-based Rendering for Mobile Devices

Iglesias-Guitian, Jose A.; Moon, Bochang; Koniaris, Charalampos; Smolikowski, Eric; Mitchell, Kenny
Pixel History Linear Models for Real-Time Temporal Filtering

Shinya, Mikio; Dobashi, Yoshinori; Shiraishi, Michio; Kawashima, Motonobu; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Multiple Scattering Approximation in Heterogeneous Media by Narrow Beam Distributions

Scandolo, Leonardo; Bauszat, Pablo; Eisemann, Elmar
Merged Multiresolution Hierarchies for Shadow Map Compression

Tian, Lihui; Xiao, Shuangjiu
Facial Feature Exaggeration According to Social Psychology of Face Perception

Dąbała, Łukasz; Ziegler, Matthias; Didyk, Piotr; Zilly, Frederik; Keinert, Joachim; Myszkowski, Karol; Seidel, Hans-Peter; Rokita, Przemysław; Ritschel, Tobias
Efficient Multi-image Correspondences for On-line Light Field Video Processing

Kuo, Ming-Hsun; Yang, Yong-Liang; Chu, Hung-Kuo
Feature-Aware Pixel Art Animation

Bazin, Jean-Charles; Plüss (Kuster), Claudia; Yu, Guo; Martin, Tobias; Jacobson, Alec; Gross, Markus
Physically Based Video Editing

Nabata, Kosuke; Iwasaki, Kei; Dobashi, Yoshinori; Nishita, Tomoyuki
An Error Estimation Framework for Many-Light Rendering

Widmer, Sven; Wodniok, Dominik; Thul, Daniel; Guthe, Stefan; Goesele, Michael
Decoupled Space and Time Sampling of Motion and Defocus Blur for Unified Rendering of Transparent and Opaque Objects

Sbert, Mateu; Havran, Vlastimil; Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo
Variance Analysis of Multi-sample and One-sample Multiple Importance Sampling

Blumer, Adrian; Novák, Jan; Habel, Ralf; Nowrouzezahrai, Derek; Jarosz, Wojciech
Reduced Aggregate Scattering Operators for Path Tracing

Caillaud, Florian; Vidal, Vincent; Dupont, Florent; Lavoué, Guillaume
Progressive Compression of Arbitrary Textured Meshes

Pietroni, Nico; Puppo, Enrico; Marcias, Giorgio; Scopigno, Roberto; Cignoni, Paolo
Tracing Field-Coherent Quad Layouts

Nader, Georges; Wang, Kai; Hétroy-Wheeler, Franck; Dupont, Florent
Visual Contrast Sensitivity and Discrimination for 3D Meshes and their Applications

Shen, Zhongwei; Fang, Xianzhong; Liu, Xinguo; Bao, Hujun; Huang, Jin
Harmonic Functions for Rotational Symmetry Vector Fields

Takahashi, Tetsuya; Lin, Ming C.
A Multilevel SPH Solver with Unified Solid Boundary Handling