Joint Virtual Reality Conference of EGVE - EuroVR 2011

Löffler, Alexander; Marsalek, Lukas; Hoffmann, Hilko; Slusallek, Philipp
Realistic Lighting Simulation for Interactive VR Applications

Doat, Tony; Parizot, Etienne; Vézien, Jean-Marc
Novative Rendering and Physics Engines to Apprehend Special Relativity

Howarth, Peter A.; Underwood, P. J.
The Impact of Viewing Stereoscopic Displays on the Visual System

Harish, Pawan; Narayanan, P. J.
Short Paper: View Dependent Rendering to Simple Parametric Display Surfaces

Liu, Lei; Liere, Robert van; Kruszynski, Krzysztof J.
Modeling the Effect of Force Feedback for 3D Steering Tasks

Ullrich, Sebastian; Rausch, Dominik; Kuhlen, Torsten
Bimanual Haptic Simulator for Medical Training: System Architecture and Performance Measurements

Bamarouf, Yasser A.; Smith, Shamus P.
Exploring Frictional Surface Properties for Haptic-Based Online Shopping

Terziman, Léo; Marchal, Maud; Multon, Franck; Arnaldi, Bruno; Lécuyer, Anatole
Short Paper: Comparing Virtual Trajectories Made in Slalom UsingWalking-In-Place and Joystick Techniques

Pece, Fabrizio; Kautz, Jan; Weyrich, Tim
Adapting Standard Video Codecs for Depth Streaming

Trinh, Thanh-Hai; Chevaillier, Pierre; Barange, M.; Soler, J.; Loor, P. De; Querrec, R.
Integrating Semantic Directional Relationships into Virtual Environments: A Meta-modelling Approach

Thalen, Jos P.; Voort, M. C. van der
User Centred Methods for Gathering VR Design Tool Requirements

Westner, Phil; Bues, Matthias
Short Paper: Acquisition and Management of Building Materials for VR Applications

Gobron, Stephane; Ahn, Junghyun; Silvestre, Quentin; Thalmann, Daniel; Rank, Stefan; Skowron, Marcin; Paltoglou, Georgios; Thelwall, Michael
An Interdisciplinary VR-architecture for 3D Chatting with Non-verbal Communication

Barot, Camille; Burkhardt, Jean-Marie; Lourdeaux, Domitile; Lenne, Dominique
V3S, a Virtual Environment for Risk Management Training

Dalvandi, Arefe; Riecke, Bernhard E.; Calvert, Tom
Panoramic Video Techniques for Improving Presence in Virtual Environments

Oyekoya, Oyewole; Steed, Anthony; Pan, Xueni
Short Paper: Exploring the Object Relevance of a Gaze Animation Model