Eurographics 2002 - Short Presentations 2002

Tominaga, Shoji; Tanaka, Norihiro
Measuring and Rendering Art Paintings Using an RGB Camera

Buelow, Thomas
Reverse Diffusion for Smooth Buildup of Progressivly Transmitted Geometry

Meruvia Pastor, Oscar E.; Strothotte, Thomas
Frame-Coherent Stippling

Ahmed, Amr Adel Hassan; Hilton, Adrian; Mokhtarian, Farzin
Adaptive Compression of Human Animation Data

Cignoni, Paolo; Scopigno, Roberto; Tarini, Marco
Normal Enhancement for Interactive Non-photorealistic Rendering

Xiao, Jiangjian; Rao, Cen; Shah, Mubarak
View Interpolation for Dynamic Scenes

Lai, Feng Min; Sourin, Alexei
Function-defined shape node for VRML

Masa, Michal; Zara, Jiri
From Textual Chats to Interest Groups in 3D Virtual Space

Kojekine, Nikita; Savchenko, Vladimir; Senin, Mikhail; Hagiwara, Ichiro
Real-time 3D Deformations by Means of Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions

Huang, Zhiyong; Neo, Chee Seng
Texture Mapping on Doo-Sabin Subdivision Surfaces Using Multiple Images

Grabner, Markus
Tree balancing for mesh simplification

YingLiang, Ma; Hewitt, Terry
Adaptive Tessellation for Trimmed NURBS Surface

Lempitsky, Victor; Ivanov, Denis; Kuzmin, Yevgeniy
Texturing Calibrated Head Model from Images

Bornik, Alexander; Ferko, Andrej
Texture Minification using Quad-trees and Fipmaps

Lyons, Alex; Kotcheff, Aaron
SAVANT: A new efficient approach to generating the visual hull

Paterson, James Alexander; Fitzgibbon, Andrew W.
Flexible bump map capture from video

Torres-Mendez, L.A.; Dudek, G.
Automated Enhancement of 3D Models

Loviscach, Jörn
Rendering Artistic Line Drawings Using Off-the-Shelf 3-D Software

Reese, Jack; Barrett, William
Image Editing with Intelligent Paint

Johan, Henry; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Interpolating 2D Shape Hierarchically

Durikovic, Roman; Kolchin, Kostantin; Ershov, Sergey
Rendering of Japanese Artcraft

Song, Y.; Vergeest, J. S. M.; Horvath, I.
Feature interference in free form template matching

Duchowski, Andrew; Marmitt, Gerd
Modeling Visual Attention in VR: Measuring the Accuracy of Predicted Scanpaths

Friedman, Doron; Feldman, Yishai
Knowledge-Based Representation of Cinematic Expression and its Application to Animation

Hast, Hans Anders; Barrera, Tony; Bengtsson, Ewert
Improved Bump Mapping by using Quadratic Vector Interpolation

Sourin, Alexei; Levinski, Konstantin
Interactive Polygonisation for Function-based Modelling

Jacquemin, Christian; Jardino, Michele
Multi-dimensional and Multi-scale Visualizer of Large XML Documents

Holm, Roland; Priglinger, Markus; Stauder, Erwin; Volkert, J.; Wagner, R.
Automatic Data Acquisition and Visualization for Usability Evaluation of Virtual Reality Systems

Pyo, Soon Hyoung; Shin, Yeong Gil
Fast Volume Carving

Dimitrov, Leonid I.; Sramek, Milos
Digital Watermarking for Volumetric Datasets

Bakay, Brook; Lalonde, Paul; Heidrich, Wolfgang
Real-Time Animated Grass

Parks, David L.; Forsyth, David A.
Improved Integration for Cloth Simulation

Loviscach, Jörn
A Convolution-Based Algorithm for Animated Water Waves

Collins, Gordon; Hilton, Adrian
Mesh Decimation for Displacement Mapping

Remolar, Inmaculada; Chover, Miguel; Belmonte, Oscar; Ribelles, Jose; Rebollo, Cristina
Geometric Simplification of Foliage

Miyazaki, Ryo; Dobashi, Yoshinori; Nishita, Tomoyuki
Simulation of Cumuliform Clouds Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dobashi, Yoshinori; Haga, Toshiyuki; Johan, Henry; Nishita, Tomoyuki
A Method for Creating Mosaic Images Using Voronoi Diagrams

Zara, Jiri
Concise Tour to the Virtual Old Prague

Grünvogel, Stefan Michael; Lange, Thorsten; Piesk, Jens
Dynamic Motion Models

Kiriazov, Petko
Dynamics-Based Motion Synthesis by Simple Learning Control

Rudomin, Isaac; Castillo, J.
Distance fields applied to character animation

De Floriani, Leila; Mesmoudi, Mohammed Mostefa; Danovaro, Emanuele
Extraction of Critical Points and Nets Based on Discrete Gradient Vector Field

Meruvia Pastor, Oscar E.
Visibility Preprocessing Using Spherical Sampling of Polygonal Patches

Csonka, Ferenc; Szirmay-Kalos, Laszlo; Kelemen, Csaba; Antal, György
Dependent Tests Driven Filtering in Monte-Carlo Global Illumination

Coll, Narcís; Boada, Imma; Sellares, J.A.
The Voronoi-Quadtree: construction and visualization

Mertens, Tom; Van Reeth, Frank
An Image-Based Radiosity Representation

Abad, Francisco; Camahort, Emilio; Vivó, Roberto
On the Integration of Synthetic Objects with Real-World Scenes

Knittel, Guenter
Using pre-integrated Transfer Functions in an Interactive Software System for Volume

Fujita, Masahiro; Kanai, Takashi
Hardware-Assisted Relief Texture Mapping

Feixas, Miquel; Rigau, Jaume; Bekaert, Philippe; Sbert, Mateu
Information-Theoretic Oracle Based on Kernel Smoothness for Hierarchical Radiosity