Eurographics 2003 - Posters 2003

Aguilera, A.; Torres, J. C.; Feito, F.
Multi-resolution modelling of terrains by using non restricted quadtree triangulation

Arroyo, G.; Martín, D.
Pen and Ink Pictures from Gray-Scale Photographs

Breidt, Martin; Wallraven, Christian; Cunningham, Douglas W.; Buelthoff, Heinrich H.
Combining 3D Scans and Motion Capture for Realistic Facial Animation

Calori, L.; Diamanti, T.; Guidazzoli, A.; Liguori, M. C.; Mauri, M. A.; Valentini, L.
Certosa virtual museum: a dynamic multilevel desktop VR application

Campos, C.; Quirós, R.; Huerta, J.; Camahort, E.; Lluch, J.; Vivo, R.
GreenArt: A Tool for Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Plants and Trees

Cheng, Irene; Basu, Anup; Pan, Yixin
Parametric Foveation for Progressive Texture and Model Transmission

Choi, Jeong-Dan; Jang, Byung-Tae; Hwang, Chi-Jeong
VR Game Interfaces for Interaction onto 3D Display

Dimitrov, Leonid I.; Kolcun, Aleksej; Sramek, Milos
Resampling structured grids into regular ones

Erdem, M. Erkut; Erdem, I. Aykut; Atalay, Volkan
Image-based Extraction of Material Reflectance Properties of a 3D Rigid Object

Frosio, Iuri; Lanzarotti, Raffaella; Campadelli, Paola; Ferrigno, Giancarlo; Borghese, N. Alberto
Real time positioning system based on active stereo and facial features identification

Gómez de Segura, José Daniel; Fernández, Borja; Peral, Rosa; López, Susana; Ibáñez, Eduardo
Interactive demo: OpenGLfly, version Euskadi

Jeong, Il-Kwon; Lee, Inho
A New 3D Spring for Deformable Object Animation

Jimenez, Juan-Roberto; Pueyo, Xavier
Anisotropic Participating Media at Near Interactive Rates

Jiménez Delgado, Juan J.; Segura Sánchez, Rafael J.; Feito Higueruela, Francisco R.
Polygon-Polygon Collision Detection in 2D

Kiss, Szilárd; Nijholt, Anton; Zwiers, Job
Virtual Modelling

Mendez, A.; Sbert, M.; Neumann, L.
Obscurances for ray-tracing

Merienne, J. P.; Jacquemin, C.
Large XML Document Manager and Visualizer

Moenning, Carsten; Dodgson, Neil A.
Fast Marching farthest point sampling

Mora, F.; Ruillet, G.; Andres, E.; Vauzelle, R.
Pedagogic discrete visualization of electromagnetic waves

Ogayar, Carlos J.; Segura, Rafael J.; Feito, Francisco R.
Point in Solid Tests for Triangle Meshes. Comparative Study

Preetham, Arcot J.; Bleiweiss, Avi
Ashli – Advanced Shading Language Interface

Revelles, J.; Aguilera, N.; Aguado, J.; Lastra, M.; Garcia, R.; Montes, R.
A Spatial Representation for Ray-Scene Intersection Test Improvement in Complex Scenes

Sainz, M.; Susin, A.; Cervantes, A.; Bagherzadeh, N.
Persepolis: Recovering history with a handheld camera

Sanchez, H.; Moreno, A.; Garcia-Alonso, A.
Predictive fixed-frame rate tessellation of NURBS surfaces

Shen, Yu-Te; Chen, Ding-Yun; Tian, Xiao-Pei; Ouhyoung, Ming
3D Model Search Engine Based on Lightfield Descriptors

Simhon, Saul; Dudek, Gregory
Curve Synthesis from Learned Refinement Models

Stampfl, Philipp
3deSoundBox – a Scalable, Platform-Independent 3D Sound System for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications