Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2008

Agrawal, A.; Kohout, J.; Clapworthy, G. J.; McFarlane, N. J. B.; Dong, F.; Viceconti, M.; Taddei, F.; Testi, D.
Interactive Out-of-Core Exploration of Large Volume Datasets in VTK-Based Visualisation Systems

Trapp, Matthias; Döllner, Jürgen
Efficient Representation of Layered Depth Images for Real-time Volumetric Tests

Brayford, David; Turner, Martin; Hewitt, W. T.
A Physical Model for the Polarized Scattering of Light

Todt, S.; Rezk-Salama, C.; Kolb, A.
Light Field Rendering for Games

Longshaw, S. M.; Turner, M. J.; Hewitt, W. T.
Interactive Grid Based Binning for Information Visualization

Salas, M.; Maddock, S.
Segmenting the External Surface of a Human Skull in MR Data

Kyprianidis, Jan Eric; Döllner, Jürgen
Image Abstraction by Structure Adaptive Filtering

Osorio, R. S. Allendes; Brodlie, K. W.
Contouring with Uncertainty

Mukundan, R.; Han, C.
A Fast Algorithm for Painterly Rendering on Mobile Devices

Rooney, Chris; Ruddle, Roy A.
A New Method for Interacting with Multi-Window Applications on Large, High Resolution Displays

Yoon, Mincheol; Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis; Lee, Seungyong
Self-Organising Maps for Implicit Surface Reconstruction

Gamito, Manuel N.; Maddock, Steve C.
Localised Topology Correction for Hypertextured Terrains

Liu, J.; Hewitt, W. T.; Lionheart, W. R. B.; Montaldi, J.; Turner, M.
A Lemon is not a Monstar: Visualization of Singularities of Symmetric Second Rank Tensor Fields in the Plane

Diktas, Engin Deniz; Sahiner, Ali Vahit
A Benchmarking Framework for Static Collision Detection

Krone, Michael; Bidmon, Katrin; Ertl, Thomas
GPU-based Visualisation of Protein Secondary Structure

Lau, Newman; Chow, Chapmann; Lee, Pouro; Iu, Bartholomew
Efficient Path Matching Motion Generation Algorithm for Multi Agent Environment

McDerby, M. J.; Turner, M. J.; Leaver, G. W.
Modes of Virtual Environments Integrated within Collaborative Environments

Ma, Ying Liang; Rhode, Kawal S.; King, Andy P.; Gao, Gang; Chinchapatnam, Phani; Schaeffter, Tobias; Razavi, Reza; Saetzler, Kurt
Time-varying Image Data Visualization Framework for Application in Cardiac Catheterization Procedures

Woodland, A.; Labrosse, F.
Towards Image Rendering using models of Image Manifolds

Lejdfors, Calle; Ohlsson, Lennart
Space-free Shader Programming: Automatic Space Inference and Optimization for Real-time Shaders

Tourre, Vincent; Martin, Jean-Yves; Hégron, Gérard
Time Handling in Inverse Daylighting for CAAD

Liu, Yu; Laycock, S. D.
A Haptic Rendering Algorithm for Drilling into Volume Data

Murphy, James E.; Carr, Hamish; O'Neill, Michael
Grammatical Evolution for Gait Retargeting

Skjermo, Jo
Generation and Tessellation of Tree Stems

Brennecke, Angela; Schlechtweg, Stefan; Schumann, Heidrun
Game-Based Training in an Interactive Environment by means of OpenCrimeScene