Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments 2008

Fischer, Jan; Flohr, Daniel; Straßer, Wolfgang
Selective Stylization for Visually Uniform Tangible AR

Sýkora, Daniel; Sedlácek, David; Riege, Kai
Real-time Color Ball Tracking for Augmented Reality

Shibata, Fumihisa; Nakamoto, Hiroyuki; Sasaki, Ryoichi; Kimura, Asako; Tamura, Hideyuki
A View Management Method for Mobile Mixed Reality Systems

Kahlesz, Ferenc; Klein, Reinhard
BAT - a Distributed Meta-tracking System

Smit, Ferdi A.; Liere, Robert van
A Framework for Performance Evaluation of Model-Based Optical Trackers

Grimes, Holly S.; Ferguson, Robin Stuart; McMenemy, Karen
Camera Calibration of a NintendoWii Remote using PA-10 Robotic Arms

Bouyer, Guillaume; Bourdot, Patrick
Supervision of 3D Multimodal Rendering for Protein-protein Virtual Docking

Willemsen, Peter; Norgren, Andrew; Singh, Balwinder; Pardyjak, Eric R.
Integrating Particle Dispersion Models into Real-time Virtual Environments

Rodrigues, Maria Andréia F.; Rocha, Rafael S.; Silva, Wendel B.
Interactive and Accurate Collision Detection in Virtual Orthodontics

Schlechtweg, Stefan
miniCAVE - A Fully immersive Display System Using Consumer Hardware

Dodds, Trevor J.; Ruddle, Roy A.
Using Teleporting, Awareness and Multiple Views to Improve Teamwork in Collaborative Virtual Environments

Kruszynski, Krzysztof J.; Liere, Robert van
Tangible Interaction for 3D Widget Manipulation in Virtual Environments

Ogier, Maelle; Bülthoff, Heinrich H.; Bresciani, Jean-Pierre
Effect of the Size of the Field of View on the Perceived Amplitude of Rotations of the Visual Scene

Conradi, Jessica; Alexander, Thomas
Display Devices for Virtual Environments: Impact on Performance, Workload, and Simulator Sickness

Jr., Joseph J. LaViola; Forsberg, Andrew S.; Huffman, John; Bragdon, Andrew
The Influence of Head Tracking and Stereo on User Performance with Non-Isomorphic 3D Rotation

Dunwell, Ian; Whelan, John C.
Spotlight Interest Management for Distributed Virtual Environments