Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2011

Reynolds, Daniel T.; Laycock, Stephen D.; Day, Andy M.
Remodelling of Botanical Trees for Real-Time Simulation

Hudák, Matej; Durikovic, R.
Terrain Models for Mass Movement Erosion

Blackledge, Jonathan M.; Barry, D. J.
Morphological Analysis from Images of Hyphal Growth using a Fractional Dynamic Model

Kaye, David Paul; Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis
Memory Efficient Surface Reconstruction Based on Self Organising Maps

Liu, Yong Kui; Wang, Peng Jie; Zhao, Dan Dan; Spelic, Denis; Mongus, Domen; Zalik, Borut
Pixel-Level Algorithms for Drawing Curves

Bennett, Victoria; Haffegee, Adrian; Matthews, Brian; Nagella, Srikanth; Shaw, Andrew; Styles, Jon
Building a Video Wall for Earth Observation Data

Tiddeman, Bernard; Hunter, David; Perrett, David
Dynamic Video Face Transformation Using Multilinear and Autoregressive Models

Albin-Clark, Adrian; Howard, T. L. J.; Anderson, B.
Visualisation of Blockplay in Early Childhood

Hung, Gary M.; John, Nigel W.
Airborne Ultrasound Pulse Force Device for Palpation Simulation

Schinko, Christoph; Ullrich, Torsten; Fellner, Dieter W.
Simple and Efficient Normal Encoding with Error Bounds

Bauer, Florian; Loviscach, Jörn
A Low-Cost Single-Pixel Thermographic Camera

Fishenden, Jerry
Interactive Computer Visualisations of Time and Place

Ma, Ji; Murphy, D.; O'Mathuna, C.; Hayes, M.; Provan, G.
Model and Visualise the Relationship between Energy Consumption and Temperature Distribution in Cold Rooms

Harvey, Carlo; Bashford-Rogers, Thomas E. W.; Debattista, Kurt; Chalmers, Alan
Visual Saliency for Smell Impulses and Application to Selective Rendering

Aguerreche, Laurent; Duval, Thierry; Lécuyer, Anatole
Evaluation of a Reconfigurable Tangible Device for Collaborative Manipulation of Objects in Virtual Reality

Stephenson, Ian
A Desktop Multi-Touch Interface for Posing Characters

Rodriguez-Frias, Myrna M.; Morris, Tim; Turner, Martin; Rowley, Andrew
Advantages of 3D Extraction and Spatial Awareness within a Videoconferencing Environment

Kamburelis, Michalis
Compositing Shaders in X3D

Al-Naser, Aqeel; Rasheed, Masroor; Brooke, John; Irving, Duncan
Enabling Visualization of Massive Datasets Through MPP Database Architecture