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    • Interactive physically based Fluid and Erosion Simulation 

      Neidhold, B.; Wacker, M.; Deussen, O. (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      Realistically eroded terrain is a base of almost every outdoor visualization for simulators or computer games. In order to achieve convincing results physically based erosion algorithms are necessary. We present a new ...
    • A Preliminary Approach of 3D Simulation of Soil Surface Degradation by Rainfall 

      Valette, Gilles; Herbin, Michel; Lucas, Laurent; Léonard, Joël (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      Soil surface structure and morphology deeply in uence a lot of processes of high agronomic and environmental relevance, such as mass and heat transfer through the soil-atmosphere interface, runoff and erosion, seed germination ...