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    • Detail and Color Enhancement in Photo Stylization 

      Azami, Rosa; Mould, David (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
      Abstraction in non-photorealistic rendering reduces the amount of detail, yet non-essential details can improve visual interest and thus make an image more appealing. In this paper, we propose an automatic system for photo ...
    • Organized Order in Ornamentation 

      Gieseke, Lena; Asente, Paul; Lu, Jingwan; Fuchs, Martin (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
      Decorative ornamentation involves a careful balance between accent and order. Existing techniques leave artists either with tedious manual processes or the uncontrolled automatic generation of rather homogeneous patterns ...
    • Shading with Painterly Filtered Layers: A Technique to Obtain Painterly Portrait Animations 

      Castaneda, Saif; Akleman, Ergun (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
      In this manuscript, we describe a process that can be used to create still and/or animated portrait paintings to be shown in Expressive Art Exhibit. Our process consists of two stages: (1) Creation of control textures for ...