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    • Polygons, Points, or Voxels? Stimuli Selection for Crowdsourcing Aesthetics Preferences of 3D Shape Pairs 

      Dev, Kapil; Villar, Nicolas; Lau, Manfred (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
      Visual aesthetics is one of the fundamental perceptual properties of 3D shapes. Since the perception of shape aesthetics can be subjective, we take a data-driven approach and consider the human preferences of shape aesthetics. ...
    • Sketch and Shade: An interactive assistant for sketching and shading 

      Parakkat, Amal Dev; Joshi, Sarang Anil; Pundarikaksha, Uday Bondi; Muthuganapathy, Ramanathan (Association for Computing Machinery, Inc (ACM), 2017)
      We present a drawing assistant for sketching and for assisting users in shading a hand drawn sketch. The augmented reality based system uses a sketch made by a professional and uses it to help inexperienced users to do ...