Catania, Italy, September 11-12, 2017

Geometry Processing
Polycube-based Decomposition for Fabrication
Filippo A. Fanni, Gianmarco Cherchi, and Riccardo Scateni
A 3 Cent Recognizer: Simple and Effective Retrieval and Classification of Mid-air Gestures from Single 3D Traces
Fabio Marco Caputo, Pietro Prebianca, Alessandro Carcangiu, Lucio D. Spano, and Andrea Giachetti
Heat Flow Based Relaxation of n Dimensional Discrete Hyper Surfaces
Marco Livesu
Perimeter Detection in Sketched Drawings of Polyhedral Shapes
Pedro Company, Peter A. C. Varley, and Raquel Plumed
Images, Visualization, and Interaction
Visual Analysis of Glycogen Derived Lactate Absorption in Dense and Sparse Surface Reconstructions of Rodent Brain Structures
Corrado Calì, Marco Agus, Nicholas Gagnon, Markus Hadwiger, and Pierre J. Magistretti
Single-Handed vs. Two Handed Manipulation in Virtual Reality: A Novel Metaphor and Experimental Comparisons
Fabio Marco Caputo, Marco Emporio, and Andrea Giachetti
The Social Picture: Advanced Image Analysis Applications
Filippo L. M. Milotta, Michele Bellocchi, and Sebastiano Battiato
User Interaction Feedback in a Hand-Controlled Interface for Robot Team Tele-operation Using Wearable Augmented Reality
Alberto Cannavò and Fabrizio Lamberti
A Digital Approach for the Study of Roman Signacula From Syracuse, Sicily
Davide Tanasi, Filippo L. M. Milotta, Ilenia Gradante, Filippo Stanco, and Howard Kaplan
A Seamless Pipeline for the Acquisition of the Body Shape: the Virtuoso Case Study
Marianna Saba, Fabio Sorrentino, Alessandro Muntoni, Sara Casti, Gianmarco Cherchi, Alessandro Carcangiu, Fabrizio Corda, Alessio Murru, Lucio Davide Spano, Riccardo Scateni, Ilaria Vitali, Ovidio Salvetti, Massimo Magrini, Andrea Villa, Andrea Carboni, and Maria Antonietta Pascali
3D Reconstruction of Facade and the Statues of the Church ''Maria Santissima dell'Elemosina'' in Biancavilla
Simone Federico Tomasello and Miriam Caterina Pazzi

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