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  • Knuth, Martin (2017-03-03)
    In virtual garment prototyping, designers create a garment design by using Computer Aided Design (CAD). In difference to traditional CAD the word "aided" in this case refers to the computer replicating real world behavior ...
  • Holden, Daniel (2017)
    The aim of this doctoral thesis is to present a body of work aimed at reducing the time spent by animators manually constructing keyframed animation. To this end we present a number of state of the art machine learning ...
  • Nalbach, Oliver (2017-11-10)
    This dissertation introduces a range of new methods to produce images of virtual scenes in a matter of milliseconds. Imposing as few constraints as possible on the set of scenes that can be handled, e.g., regarding geometric ...
  • Wu, Xiaokun (2017-01-20)
    Nowadays, access to digital information has become ubiquitous, while three-dimensional visual representation is becoming indispensable to knowledge understanding and information retrieval. Three-dimensional digitization ...
  • Paulus, Christoph J (Université de Strasbourg and, 2017-04)
    Virtual cutting of deformable objects is at the core of many applications in interactive simulation and especially in computational medicine. The ability to simulate surgical cuts, soft tissue tearing or fractures, is ...

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