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    • Partial Shape Queries for 3D Object Retrieval 

      Pratikakis, I.; Savelonas, M.A.; Arnaoutoglou, F.; Ioannakis, G.; Koutsoudis, A.; Theoharis, T.; Tran, M.-T.; Nguyen, V.-T.; Pham, V.-K.; Nguyen, H.-D.; Le, H.-A.; Tran, B.-H.; To, Q.H.; Truong, M.-B.; Phan, T.V.; Nguyen, M.-D.; Than, T.-A.; Mac, K.-N.C.; Do, M.N.; Duong, A-D.; Furuya, T.; Ohbuchi, R.; Aono, M.; Tashiro, S.; Pickup, D.; Sun, X.; Rosin, P.L.; Martin, R.R. (The Eurographics Association, 2016)
      Despite numerous recent efforts, 3D object retrieval based on partial shape queries remains a challenging problem, far from being solved. The problem can be defined as: given a partial view of a shape as query, retrieve ...