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    • Bag of Compact HKS-based Feature Descriptors 

      ElNaghy, Hanan; Hamad, Safwat (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      3D object retrieval has become an integral part in many today's applications attracting extensive research efforts. This paper introduces an enhanced 3D object retrieval technique using a compact and highly discriminative ...
    • Partial 3D Object Retrieval combining Local Shape Descriptors with Global Fisher Vectors 

      Savelonas, Michalis A.; Pratikakis, Ioannis; Sfikas, Konstantinos (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      This work introduces a partial 3D object retrieval method, applicable on both meshes and point clouds, which is based on a hybrid shape matching scheme combining local shape descriptors with global Fisher vectors. The ...