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    • Near-Regular Texture Synthesis by Random Sampling and Gap Filling 

      Recas, Diego Lopez; Hilsmann, Anna; Eisert, Peter (The Eurographics Association, 2011)
      This paper addresses the synthesis of near-regular textures, i.e. textures that consist of a regular global structure plus subtle yet very characteristic stochastic irregularities. Such textures are difficult to synthesize ...
    • Warp-based Near-Regular Texture Analysis for Image-based Texture Overlay 

      Hilsmann, Anna; Schneider, David C.; Eisert, Peter (The Eurographics Association, 2011)
      Image-based texture overlay or retexturing is the process of augmenting a surface in an image or a video sequence with a new, synthetic texture. Some properties of the original texture such as texture distortion as well ...