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    • Exploring Uncertainty in Image Segmentation Ensembles 

      Fröhler, Bernhard; Möller, Torsten; Weissenböck, Johannes; Hege, Hans-Christian; Kastner, Johann; Heinzl, Christoph (The Eurographics Association, 2018)
      Finding the most accurate image segmentation involves analyzing results from different algorithms or parameterizations. In this work, we identify different types of uncertainty in this analysis that are represented by the ...
    • Quantifying Uncertainty in Multivariate Time Series Pre-Processing 

      Bors, Christian; Bernard, Jürgen; Bögl, Markus; Gschwandtner, Theresia; Kohlhammer, Jörn; Miksch, Silvia (The Eurographics Association, 2019)
      In multivariate time series analysis, pre-processing is integral for enabling analysis, but inevitably introduces uncertainty into the data. Enabling the assessment of the uncertainty and allowing uncertainty-aware analysis, ...