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    • A Survey on Multimodal Medical Data Visualization 

      Lawonn, K.; Smit, N.N.; Bühler, K.; Preim, B. (© 2018 The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2018)
      Multi‐modal data of the complex human anatomy contain a wealth of information. To visualize and explore such data, techniques for emphasizing important structures and controlling visibility are essential. Such fused overview ...
    • A Survey on Position Based Dynamics 

      Bender, Jan; Müller, Matthias; Macklin, Miles (The Eurographics Association, 2017)
      The physically-based simulation of mechanical effects has been an important research topic in computer graphics for three decades. In recent years position-based simulation methods have become popular. In contrast to ...
    • A Survey on Position-Based Simulation Methods in Computer Graphics 

      Bender, Jan; Müller, Matthias; Otaduy, Miguel A.; Teschner, Matthias; Macklin, Miles (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2014)
      The dynamic simulation of mechanical effects has a long history in computer graphics. The classical methods in this field discretize Newton's second law in a variety of Lagrangian or Eulerian ways, and formulate forces ...
    • A Survey on Procedural Modelling for Virtual Worlds 

      Smelik, Ruben M.; Tutenel, Tim; Bidarra, Rafael; Benes, Bedrich (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 2014)
      Procedural modelling deals with (semi-)automatic content generation by means of a program or procedure. Among other advantages, its data compression and the potential to generate a large variety of detailed content with ...
    • A Survey on Shape Correspondence 

      Kaick, Oliver van; Zhang, Hao; Hamarneh, Ghassan; Cohen‐Or, Daniel (The Eurographics Association and Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2011)
      We review methods designed to compute correspondences between geometric shapes represented by triangle meshes, contours or point sets. This survey is motivated in part by recent developments in space–time registration, ...
    • A Survey on Shape Correspondence 

      Kaick, O. van; Zhang, H.; Hamarneh, G.; Cohen-Or, D. (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
      We present a review of the correspondence problem and its solution methods, targeting the computer graphics audience. With this goal in mind, we focus on the correspondence of geometric shapes represented by point sets, ...
    • A Survey on Temporal Coherence Methods in Real-Time Rendering 

      Scherzer, Daniel; Yang, Lei; Mattausch, Oliver; Nehab, Diego; Sander, Pedro V.; Wimmer, Michael; Eisemann, Elmar (The Eurographics Association, 2011)
      Nowadays, there is a strong trend towards rendering to higher-resolution displays and at high frame rates. This development aims at delivering more detail and better accuracy, but it also comes at a significant cost. ...
    • A Survey on Video-based Graphics and Video Visualization 

      Borgo, Rita; Chen, Min; Daubney, Ben; Grundy, Edward; Heidemann, Gunther; Höferlin, Benjamin; Höferlin, Markus; Jänicke, Heike; Weiskopf, Daniel; Xie, Xianghua (The Eurographics Association, 2011)
      In recent years, a collection of new techniques which deal with video as input data, emerged in computer graphics and visualization. In this survey, we report the state of the art in video-based graphics and video ...
    • A Survey on Visual Analysis Approaches for Financial Data 

      Ko, Sungahn; Cho, Isaac; Afzal, Shehzad; Yau, Calvin; Chae, Junghoon; Malik, Abish; Beck, Kaethe; Jang, Yun; Ribarsky, William; Ebert, David S. (The Eurographics Association and John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2016)
      Market participants and businesses have made tremendous efforts to make the best decisions in a timely manner under varying economic and business circumstances. As such, decision-making processes based on financial data ...
    • A Survey on Visualization in Industrial Ergonomics 

      Heft, W.; Spitzhirn, M.; Rosenthal, P. (The Eurographics Association, 2013)
      The field of ergonomics is widely used in industry and other fields close to human work. This paper presents an overview about the state of the art in virtual ergonomics with regard to visualization issues. We consider ...
    • A Survey on Visualizing Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Data 

      Nunes, Miguel; Laruelo, Andrea; Ken, SoleaKhena; Laprie, Anne; Bühler, Katja (The Eurographics Association, 2014)
      Data from Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging (MRSI) contains signals about biomarkers concentrations, which are used to achieve new knowledge about biochemical processes. These support doctors in identifying and treat ...
    • Surveying Hypogeous Structures: the Case Study of Santa Maria in Stelle in Valpantena 

      Tucci, Grazia; Nobile, Alessia; Bonora, Valentina (The Eurographics Association, 2010)
      The hypogeous complex of Santa Maria in Stelle, known on-site as "Pantheon" and located under the parish church of Quinto in Valpantena, (Verona, Italy), is considered by scholars one of the most interesting paleochristian ...
    • The Sussex Multimedia Frame Buffer 

      Pearce, Simon F.; Bassett, Mike C.; Dunnett, Graham J.; Lister, Paul F. (The Eurographics Association, 1994)
      This paper describes work at the University of Sussex in the field of multimedia video and high resolution display control. This paper is the result of research carried out for the SMILE (SPARC Macrocell and Interface ...
    • SutureHap: A Suture Simulator with Haptic Feedback 

      Ricardez, Eusebio; Noguez, Julieta; Neri, Luis; Munoz-Gomez, Lourdes; Escobar-Castillejos, David (The Eurographics Association, 2014)
      Surgical procedures require a high degree of complexity and difficulty. Consequently, extensive preparation in the learning process of medical students is necessary in order to perform suturing tasks successfully. Some ...
    • SVD-Matching using SIFT Features 

      Delponte, Elisabetta; Isgrò, Francesco; Odone, Francesca; Verri, Alessandro (The Eurographics Association, 2005)
      The paper tackles the problem of feature points matching between pair of images of the same scene. This is a key problem in computer vision. Among the many possible applications of feature matching we are motivated for ...
    • SVEn - Shared Virtual Environment 

      Manroth, Tobias; Pospischil, Nils; Schoemacker, Philipp; Fuhrmann, Arnulph (The Eurographics Association, 2015)
      This paper presents a system for a shared virtual experience which was developed within a student project. The main idea is to have two or more persons at different locations, who can interact with each other in the same ...
    • SVG Linearization and Accessibility 

      Herman, Ivan; Dardailler, Daniel (Blackwell Publishers, Inc and the Eurographics Association, 2002)
      The usage of SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphics) creates new possibilities as well as new challenges for theaccessibility of Web sites. This paper presents a metadata vocabulary to describe the information content ofan SVG ...
    • SVG Primer 

      Duce, David (Eurographics Association, 2001)
    • SVG Vectorization by Statistical Region Merging 

      Battiato, S.; Farinella, G. M.; Puglisi, G. (The Eurographics Association, 2006)
      In this paper a novel algorithm for raster to vector conversion is presented. The technique is mainly devoted to vectorize digital picture maintaining an high degree of photorealistic appearance specifically addressed to ...
    • SVG.Open 2005 Conference 

      Neumann, Andreas (The Eurographics Association and Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2006)