Eurographics 2013 - Dirk Bartz Prize

pp. 1-4

High-Quality 3D Visualization of In-Situ Ultrasonography


Ivan Viola, Å. Birkeland, V. Solteszova, L. Helljesen, H. Hauser, S. Kotopoulis, K. Nylund, D. M. Ulvang, O. K. Øye, T. Hausken, and O. H. Gilja

DOI: 10.2312/conf/EG2013/med/001-004

In recent years medical ultrasound has experienced a rapid development in the quality of real-time 3D ultrasound (US) imaging. The image quality of the 3D volume that was previously possible to achieve within the range of a few seconds, is now possible in a fraction of a second. This technological advance offers entirely new opportunities for the use of US in the clinic. In our project, we investigate how real-time 3D US can be combined with high-performance processing of today's graphics hardware to allow for high-quality 3D visualization and precise navigation during the examination.


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