EuroVis Workshop on Visual Analytics

pp. 61-65

Interactive Visual Analysis in the Concept Stage of a Hybrid-Vehicle Design


Kresimir Matkovic, Mario Duras, Denis Gracanin, Rainer Splechtna, Benedikt Stehno, and Helwig Hauser

DOI: 10.2312/PE.EuroVAST.EuroVA13.061-065

The design of modern, hybrid vehicles is an active area of research. As the whole field is new, engineers need intuitive and powerful support tools. In this application paper, we illustrate an application of interactive visual analysis in the concept phase of a hybrid-vehicle design. We exploit coordinated multiple views to explore and analyze a simulation ensemble - a set of simulation runs of the same simulation model. Once we reduce the ensemble to a single run we use a detailed view, including an energy flow graph and a vehicle drive animation. Very positive feedback from domain experts and opportunities for additional improvements encourage further research.

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